X-KAR SMT Assembly Equipment
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Tray Holder Assembly and Component trays

Tray Holder Assemblies XL-11 to pre-kit the parts are available. They can be stored with prepared for assembly components and quickly exchanged during assembly operation. Additional XL-11 Tray Holder can be placed on XFB-1 feeder base in place of the feeders in XMP-301,302 and 302D Machines. To place the second XL-11 Tray Holder Assembly in XMP-300, optional XL-11B Tray Holder Base is needed. Additional single and two compartment trays are also available in packages of 15 pieces.

Available products:

  • XL-11 - Tray holder with 10 single compartment trays
  • XL-11B - Tray Holder Base
  • XL-1/15 - Pack of 15, single compartment trays
  • XL-2/15 - Pack of 15, two compartment trays


XL-11 Tray holder with 10 single compartment trays

XL-2 XL-1 XL-11B
XL-2 XL-1 XL-11B